Investment, Development & Philanthropy

Beluga Capital is a Sydney based investment company focused on acquiring and developing business enterprises across a number of industries.

Beluga Capital was formed in 2016 by a former investment banker with over 30 years’ experience across a range of areas, most recently in the child care sector.


Beluga Capital’s investment strategy includes identifying and investing in service based non-ASX listed companies.

We are passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs with a unique vision, driven by innovation who think outside the box.


At Beluga Capital, we're independent both in how we operate, and how we think.

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, we build great relationships, deliver exceptionally designed developments that exceed expectations.


The Beluga Foundation’s mission is to find the gaps in support for people living with a disability, particularly in the area of employment.

We believe finding meaningful employment for people living with a disability is a huge contributor to a meaningful life for those with a disability.

Trilogy of Luxury

At Beluga Luxury, we know the meaning of true elegance and sophistication, and deliver it to our clients as a matter of principle.

Our concierges are masters at designing bespoke itineraries to create refined and awe-inspiring experiences that take luxury travel to a new stratosphere.