Beluga Capital’s investment strategy includes identifying and investing in service based non-ASX listed companies. We are passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs with a unique vision, driven by innovation who think outside the box.

We are drawn to companies that are not simply looking to be the biggest or most dominant player but are prepared to chart their own course accepting that markets and customers desires are constantly changing;
“what works today won’t necessarily still be relevant tomorrow”.

Companies that have an established track record and are in need of capital to continue to build on their already established excellence are the type of companies we are interested in developing and supporting, investing both cash and intellectual capital.

Beluga Capital remains a significant investor in the childcare business our CEO founded, Only about Children which is a leading childcare service provider.

Beluga Capital is interested in pursuing businesses that have the same community orientation, service focus and commitment to excellence that Only about Children provides to the childcare sector.

Beluga Capital’s experienced team of professionals evaluate opportunities quickly. We have a long-term investment appetite, view growth for the long term with a lens of what is in the best interests of the business along with our investment.