The Beluga Foundation’s mission is to find the gaps in support for people living with a disability, particularly in the area of employment.

We believe finding meaningful employment for people living with a disability is a huge contributor to a meaningful life for those with a disability.

We are passionate about providing needed services and offering solutions to social and economic problems within the disability sector.

Foundation Partners

Fighting Chance establishes sustainable social enterprises that meet the everyday challenges, hurdles and barriers faced by people living with a disability. We support Fighting Chance by providing capital to enable them to expand on their infrastructure and develop their sustainable business model.

Red Cross supports employment for people living with a disability in their organisation with funds provided by the Foundation. The Red Cross provides a free disability employment service to help find meaningful jobs for those out of work due to injury, illness or disability, with our financial support.

Beluga Foundation also provides one-time program and project grants, such as our 2018 grant to La Trobe University’s clinical trials for a revolutionary new stroke treatment, most prominent causes of disability in Australia. Our commitment to La Trobes’ research is multi year as we recognise that research into ground breaking new scientific areas is not short term.

The Beluga Foundation continues to explore ways we can support people living with a disability in furthering their education.

There is currently significant community support for the disability sector in primary and secondary education systems. The Beluga Foundation’s focus is to find a way to mobilise the focus for the disability sector in the area of tertiary education providing further opportunity and growth for those in need.

The Foundation continues to reach out to new organisations that have this same focus and if your organisation is focused in this area, please contact us.